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LAS Information Technology

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

About Us

LAS IT provides a wide array of IT services for all of the departments, programs, and researchers within the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

View the full list of departments we serve.  Our support structure is organized by rough geographic boundaries within the campus, with the North LAS IT group supporting many of the physical and biological sciences, and the South LAS IT group which primarily provides support for the social sciences and humanities. 

In addition to departmental support, we have a team dedicated to Infrastructure and Operations, which provides backend services for the College, departments, and research groups such as: OS administration, Web hosting, system security, and other common services.

Our Research IT unit specializes in one on one work with Principle Investigators, helping to deliver computational solutions to iterate through research cycles more quickly by optimizing the hardware and software environment for the specific research area at hand.

We have a strong collaboration with the IT organization within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences with whom we participate in the Biology IT unit.  Find more information about our partnership.