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LAS Information Technology

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

Network Attached Storage

Managed Storage Solutions

LAS IT can help you find the right storage solution for your teaching and research needs.  We have worked closely with central IT to offer you enterprise class storage solutions which provide many benefits over local unmanaged file storage.

If your current storage solution looks something like this:

Photo of consumer NAS device or this  Photo of consumer USB HDD

Please talk to your IT person about finding a better place to store your valuable data.

Our primary storage offerings are CyBox cloud-based storage, which is perfect for most day-to-day documents and teaching materials, and Large-Scale Storage (LSS) for when you need large capacity storage for research lab groups.

Benefits of managed storage:

  • Backed up
  • Fast
  • Redundant
  • Secure
  • Accessible everywhere

Importance of keeping research data available:

  • More efficient research process
  • Avoid data loss
  • Find and reuse data faster